October 2021


You will have to face challenges related to one person in particular, but you will be able to solve them easily. However, you will need to try to understand the needs of the other person with honesty. Your proverbial analytical ability will be put to the test and this will lead to some major disadvantages. Modigliani said that “Your only duty is to save your dreams.”


You have postponed your holidays for too long and October might the best month for a pleasure cruise. Be careful though, because in the opinion of the stars you should’t make important financial decisions. No new Jeff Koons in your collection this month! The autumn mood and its distractions could make you see some situations in a brighter perspective than expected. Just have fun.


Keep control of your emotions. Especially in October there will be many opportunities for arguments or misunderstandings. You may regret your words, but it will be too late. You will not be able to go back and correct what you said. Try not to make important decisions. If you’re an artist, don’t look for a new gallery. Trust us.


You’ll have plenty of free time in October. You will be able to disconnect completely from many of your regular activities. However, for this to happen, you will have to make a great effort, as this is not at all in your nature. Visit as many exhibitions as possible and keep your mind busy.


Give greater attention to your home and above all to your loved ones. Your career is important, but it is not the most important aspect of your life. You have recently neglected your family and friends, but remember that they are the key to your success.


Smile! Nothing can put you off track this month. At the beginning of the month, you will finally be able to fulfill one of your most secret desires. Will the work of your dreams enter your collection or will the Tate open its doors to a retrospective of your work? You will also be able to solve a mystery involving a specific person.


This will be a month of romantic euphoria. You will live strong emotions and your social life will be very busy. It’s not just gallery openings. You will look for warmth, generosity and fun among people for whom fun and a great sense of humor are the most important things in life. You are Cattelan’s banana at Art Basel.


Be prepared for a turbulent time in your life. There will be many stressful situations, which will probably arise from misunderstandings. A certain person who previously seemed friendly and cordial will make many complaints about you. However, never let go, defend yourself! Bring out the Picasso in you.


It will be a good time to plan your holidays or a business trip. Maybe Frieze? Maybe not. Either way you’ll take the time to breathe and relax. Eventually, you’ll find time to deal with everyday matters, but make sure you don’t delay the little things.


In October, particularly from the 4th to the 13th, something you never had the slightest concern about will create trouble. You’ll feel like Ai Weiwei dropping a Hun Dynasty urn. If that happens, tell yourself that these changes are positive. Perhaps because of this, you’ll find the freedom you longed for.


October will certainly be your month. You’re like Damien Hirst in 2008. And in every possible way. At the beginning of the month the long-awaited proposals will come and your professional situation will definitely improve.


The stars will influence your inner self. In October, don’t let anything spoil your mood and try to adopt an optimistic attitude towards life. Smile, even in front of a work by Gina Pane. At work, try to focus on new projects and ignore other people’s problems.