May 2022


Dear Aries out there, we all know well that you are one of the least patient signs of the Zodiac. The month of May, unfortunately, will test your patience: the stars will invite you to show great confidence in the future. Become your own gallerist and sell your masterpieces.


You are used to earning everything. May will be for you a month where you have to show your strength. You will be able to achieve some great results pursued for a long time, it’s time for your big break. Be ready for it.


Geminis, get ready! May will be for you the month of spontaneity and unexpected happenings! You will meet new people and face surprising situations. This will bring a nice breath of fresh air into your life. You are like a painting by Pollock, can you really control what’s happening on the canvas?


This month is quite challenging for Cancerians, which during this period will be called to face many challenges. Don’t worry though, because it will be a unique opportunity to prove your worth. Show your talents, the world is your stage.


Leos out there should get ready because the month of May will be a month to face like real… lions. There will be many battles to fight, with some expected victories. Van Gogh once said that “art demands persistent work, work despite everything.”


For those born under the sign of Virgo, May will be a rather lucky month. If you have some ideas in your head or the intention to jump into new adventures, there is no better time to do it. Enroll in a painting class, this could be a good place to start.


During this new month, Libras will have to show sides of you that you do not like to show. You will move on your toes, waiting for some signs that will bar the way to a better future. ‘Patience’ is your keyword this month.


Quite an eventful month for Scorpios. That’s good news because we need something different in our lives: things to do, battles to win (some even to lose). To clear up your mind, visit a couple of exhibitions, it could help to see things from different perspectives.


Sagittarius is known to be a very determined and resourceful sign. This is good news because May will put you in front of a couple of challenges and bets that only those with courage will know how to win. 


Although with some negative notes, the month of May promises to be very interesting for the Capricorns out there. You will be called to use caution, especially at the practical level, but fortunately, you are a sign that knows how to do it very well. Think of every tiny detail as in a painting by Hieronymus Bosch.


The problem with negative expectations is that if we allow them enough space in our heads, they quickly outgrow us. The light of the Moon suggests that this can be an encouraging time for Aquarians. A concert can be the perfect occasion to relax a bit.


Dear Pisces friends, the month of May will be for you a month of rebirth. You have not faced well the first months of the year and finally, things are changing. You’re about to become the archistar everyone wants to work with.