December 2022


If you felt like you were squashed into the wall like Cattelan’s famous banana in the past month, don’t worry. In December you will finally be able to leave behind you a difficult period, especially in your love life. Thanks to your friends and family you will achieve a lot of confidence about your future programs and about the projects you are building.


December will be a month of ups and downs for those born under the sign of Taurus. After an unstable period in which you felt like the precarious flying machines by genius Leonardo da Vinci, December will be amazing. Some open issues in your family will make your mood unstable, but try to remember one thing we always recommend: good communication will let you fly smoothly.


Finally you can enjoy the recently opened exhibitions because December will be a very quiet month for those born under the sign of Gemini. However, you are in a phase where you need stimulation. So, why not enjoy some well-deserved rest and take a tour of your favorite museum to get inspiration?


The last part of the year is the best one for those born under the sign of Cancer. This is a period of rebirth, and your December will shine as the brightest neon by Bruce Nauman. In the first part of the month, however, you will meet some difficulties that you will be able to overcome beautifully.


Leo friends, in December two words reign over all: love and relax. You have faced very complicated months, especially on a mental health level. So try to relax like Marie Antoinette did while eating a croissant on a great baroque sofa in the majestic palace of Versailles and you will find your Louis XVI.


Dear Virgo, December will be a very important month for you from the love point of view. Caravaggio’s romantic painting “Amor Vincit Omnia” seems to have been designed for you, Cupid will shoot his arrow very soon. As far as work is concerned, try not to overdo it: in November you have completed a lot of projects!


In December love and work will smile at you like they never did before. All the projects you started the past month will be completed and your secret love will set aside big surprises for you to let you feel like a celebrity portrayed in one of David LaChapelle artworks.


In the past few months have you often felt the need to scream like the protagonist of Munch’s “Scream”? I know, you have overcome difficulties with a lot of courage but now December is waiting for you with a lot of good news. Be positive, you will see the results of your actions in 2023!


What a great month ahead for those who are Sagittarius zodiac sign! In December, thanks to your ability to overcome all the past difficulties you will able to shine like a work by Ólafur Elíasson in a room full of mirrors. But beware that some of your friends may turn out to be your enemies.


Dear Capricorn, your December will be split in two: in the first part of the month you will probably feel like the melted clocks by Salvador Dalì due to the amount of work, but then, in the second part, you will finally obtain some well-deserved rest.


The urge to have fun is kicking in, especially after such a stressful time as the past November. You will certainly find ways to have fun in December and Cindy Sherman will be your alter ego during all the parties you will attend. Don’t forget that you have the power to be whoever you want!


We don’t say this often, but in December, dear Pisces, you need a little healthy selfishness. Lately, you have been worrying too much about others and too little about yourself. What do you have left? Remember, no artist became famous without being a little selfish.