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Spring is just around the corner.

January and February are winter months and are generally a time for introspection, for asking questions, possibly due to the amount of time spent at home because of the weather.

Now it is almost time to get out and face the world. And each sign of the zodiac will do so in its unique way, with its unique characteristics. It’s vital to remember that when we change anything, even if it’s only our clothes from heavy to light, we leave something behind, but something new awaits us.

Fire signs (AriesLeo, and Sagittarius) are constantly looking for inspirations, often stubborn, especially Aries, and tenacious, like Leos. Making compromises with life does not only mean giving in but also learning to appreciate or, sometimes, taking a break. It is up to you to make the choices, trying to be as positive as possible.

Earth signs (TaurusVirgo, and Capricorn) are particularly ambitious (Capricorn), fussy (Virgo), or in search of stability (Taurus). These sings will experience mixed emotions because they face every decision with deep thoughts. Instead, they should lighten up because only by taking things less seriously will they be able to take flight and prepare for an unforgettable spring.

This month, those born under air signs (GeminiLibra, and Aquarius) will be particularly unpredictable and volatile. You can chase them for days, but as soon as you stop, they will come back because they have so much to give. They want to feel free to decide when.

Water signs (CancerScorpio, and Pisces) are the luckiest this March. They will see the sunshine once again, albeit with some perplexity at work for the methodical Scorpio. Thanks to a moment of rebirth, these signs will experience a shining month, reaching a state of extreme happiness, which they will be able to transmit contagiously to those around them.

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