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The best books out there, selected by our editors.

The Torlonia Marbles. Collecting Masterpieces

135 years after the publication of the only catalogue of the last of Rome’s great princely collections, this eagerly awaited volume finally allows a significant sequence of sculptures from the prodigious collection to emerge from the shadows.

Case Milanesissime

Intelligent, playful, and ironic, Case Milanesissime is a compendium of surreal (or hyperreal?) floor plans of imaginary flats offered for rent or sale in Milan.

Carlo Mollino “Allusioni Iperformali”

The book, curated by Marco Sammicheli, which accompanies the exhibition at the Triennale Milano, pays tribute to a fundamental figure in 20th century design and architecture.

Mauro Restiffe: Santo Sospir

Architecture, and Modernism in particular, has always been a source of inspiration for Brazilian photographer Mauro Restiffe. In his photographs, Restiffe has been exploring how every side of the built environment is imbued with life, all the more so in the unobserved details and even when no one is framed.

Divine Drudgery

An artist book with collages and artworks by James Richards and Leslie Thornton.