Case Milanesissime

Alvar Aaltissimo


Publisher: Corraini Edizioni

Year: 2021

Language: Italian


“Alvar Aaltissimo tampers with the sacred values of discipline. "Fighting the system from the inside" would seem to be his slogan. The apparently naive compliance with the simple language of real estate ads contains a deflagrating power precisely because of its supposed 'realism', an apparent normality that acts as a smokescreen for explosive attacks". Cino Zucchi Intelligent, playful, and ironic, Case Milanesissime is a compendium of surreal (or hyperreal?) floor plans of imaginary flats offered for rent or sale in Milan, such as "a room made out of a recess in a façade", "a flat in the Milan that never stops" with a continuous treadmill or "a house for two former lovers who still want to split the rent". A very serious satire on the world of contemporary design and an element of reflection on the living dimension of the metropolis. With a piece by Cino Zucchi.