Alvaro Barrington “Sea Both Sides”
Alvaro Barrington “Sea Both Sides”. Courtesy the gallery.


Viale Lombardia, 17, 20131 Milano MI


11 Nov 2022 - 06 Dec 2022



Alvaro Barrington “Sea Both Sides”

Referencing both Jay-Z’s “I keep one eye open like CBS” and Frank Ocean’s “I see both sides like Chanel” Barrington’s “Sea Both Sides” is a very personal take on this play on words: having moved to the United Kingdom, Barrington reflected on his experience in London, across the sea from New York City, and being able to see new, multiple sides of the United States from his new vantagepoint.

Sea both sides premieres Barrington’s first sculpture: NO Work on the Block, aka Gated Community, Milan, 2022, is a monumental structure that resolutely, imposingly inhabits the space that used to be Casa Corbellini-Wasserman’s central living room. Its volume, chain and metal structure is as intimidating as it draws the viewer towards it. All gravitating around this central sculpture, the gallery’s adjacent rooms feature four woven works and ten new concrete portraits, their muted gazes directed towards its spellbinding, haunting presence.