Alya Hatta “IDA”
Courtesy of the artist.


L.U.P.O. - Lorenzelli Projects
Corso Buenos Aires, 2, 20124 Milano MI


25 Feb 2022 - 23 Mar 2022



Alya Hatta “IDA”

In the exhibition, entirely dedicated to her grandmother Noor Ida Kahar, the artist explores the transience of life and the consequent physical limitations imposed by age; she does so by depicting Ida riding tigers, flying through the sky, performing elaborate gymnastic exercises, living in exuberance and luxury.

The imaginary worlds that Alya Hatta creates have the ability to transcend space and time, disconnecting from reality and merging the rapidity of internet culture with the generational myths handed down for centuries in her heritage.

For the occasion, the gallery will be transformed into a tropical jungle composed of the same plants painted in the artist’s works. A dialogue is thus established

between nature and artifice, between the artist’s roots and the context in which she currently lives and works, between Malaysia and London.