Amélie Bigard “Dear Shitty Dreams”
Amélie Bigard, Suicide Club, 2022. Courtesy the artist.


Cabinet / Studiolo
Via Alessandro Tadino, 20, 20124 Milano MI


29 Sep 2022 - 18 Nov 2022



Amélie Bigard “Dear Shitty Dreams”

On show, thirteen unpublished works created using Amélie Bigard distinctive “icon” technique, a patient painting
process using only tempera on wood that continues the artist’s research into the world of adolescence and the
archetype of the Anti-Hero; an iconography constructed from a complex sum of personal memory, everyday
life and images selected from the infinite world of the media.

Each painting is like a page in a secret diary, recounting the aspirations and disillusions of a generation that grew up in the shadow of a resplendent but – unfortunately – ‘plastic’ imaginary world, designed to perfection by the diabolical consumerism machine: advertisements, hyper-pop desires embodied by dreamlike toys, or even TV series and rom-coms ready to offer us glossy collective and family models, all dreams from which every adolescent, sooner or later, will have to learn painfully to wake up.