And Now I Gather Soil and Bones
Personae, 2014 by Ruta Putramentaite.


Gallery Non Riservato
Via Paisello 5


25 Oct 2022 - 06 Nov 2022



And Now I Gather Soil and Bones

The exhibition mirrors the Jiří Kovanda, Denisa Langrová and Ruta Putramentaite sensibilities towards the distorting effect of human activity on the natural environment. Through sculptures, found objects and video, it explores both artificial and natural materiality, it’s metamorphosing in the passage of time, and our fragmented knowledge of past, present and future, that can only be resolved through storytelling.

Much like in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction, in which she proposes that: “prior to the preeminence of sticks, swords and killing tools, our ancestors’ greatest invention was the container: the basket of wild oats, the medicine bundle, the net made of your own hair, the home, the shrine, the place that contains whatever is sacred”, the gallery space transforms itself in a carrier bag of introspective imagination and objects silently experiencing time.

The contemplation is disrupted by a dystopian sci-fi narrative, in which a guerrilla warrior fights her battle in a world where all soil has been commodified and used as currency.