Andrea Bowers “Moving in Space without Asking Permission”
Andrea Bowers, In the Ballroom-Overcoming the Myth of Masculine Force, 2022.Video still courtesy of the artist and kaufmann repetto Milan /New York.
GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna


GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna
Via Palestro 16


15 Sep 2022 - 18 Dec 2022



Andrea Bowers “Moving in Space without Asking Permission”

The exhibition “Moving in Space without Asking Permission,” the latest installment of the Furla Series by Fondazione Furla, is part of a broader reflection on feminism that Bowers has been developing for some time, and focuses in particular on the relationship between feminism and bodily autonomy, amplifying issues from the present and the past. Each of Bowers’s projects begins with in-depth research into the context in which she operates and an encounter with its social fabric. In this case, “Moving in Space without Asking Permission” takes its starting point from the artist’s confrontation with some of today’s Italian feminist experiences, in particular the work of the philosopher and activist Alessandra Chiricosta, who studies and teaches the practice of martial arts as a form of bodily self-awareness, thus offering a break with gender stereotypes.

The project was also created in response to the specific nature of the GAM exhibition context: a museum whose collection refers to the historical period around the turn of the 20th century, when the women’s emancipation movement in Italy was in its infancy.