Andy Warhol “La Pubblicità della Forma”
Andy Warhol as a Drag, 1981. Private Collection.


Fabbrica del Vapore
Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4, 20154 Milano MI


22 Oct 2022 - 26 Mar 2023




Editors’ Pick

Andy Warhol “La Pubblicità della Forma”

With more than three hundred works divided into seven thematic areas and thirteen sections-from his beginnings in the 1950s as a commercial illustrator to his last decade of activity in the 1980s marked by his relationship with the sacred-the exhibition “La Pubblicità della Forma” curated by Achille Bonito Oliva is a journey into the artistic and human universe of one of the artists who most innovated the history of world art.

The exhibition aims to document Warhol’s journey: from the objects that symbolize mass consumerism, to the portraits of the star system of the 1960s; from the Ladies & Gentlemen series of the 1970s dedicated to drag queens, transgender people, to the 1980s in which his relationship with Marilyn Monroe becomes predominant.