Angelo Mangiarotti: Quando le strutture prendono forma


Triennale Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano


27 Jan 2023 - 23 Apr 2023



Angelo Mangiarotti: Quando le strutture prendono forma

The Triennale Milano is paying tribute to the Milanese architect and designer Angelo Mangiarotti with an exhibition titled “Angelo Mangiarotti: Quando le strutture prendono forma” curated by Fulvio Irace, with Francesca Albani, Franz Graf, Luca Pietro Nicoletti and Marco Sammicheli. The exhibition, running from January to April 2023, is presented in collaboration with the Fondazione Angelo Mangiarotti and showcases over 60 years of Mangiarotti’s work, including a wide selection of projects, documents and materials that have never been exhibited before.

The exhibition is designed by Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners, with the participation of Renzo Piano, who was a student of Mangiarotti and worked with him at Triennale in 1968. The exhibition features a variety of Mangiarotti’s works in architecture, design and sculpture, highlighting his experimental approach and his impact on the fields of architecture, design and infrastructure.

The exhibition aims to showcase the complexity of Mangiarotti’s work, which goes beyond his reputation as a builder and emphasizes his expressive and sculptural abilities. Renzo Piano’s project of the exhibition layout is composed of a series of platforms that host the exhibition’s thematic nuclei, including models, prototypes, and work fragments. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich experimental legacy of this iconic figure of Italian architecture and design.