Archivi Aperti
Photo by C M.


Various Locations


14 - 23 Oct 2022



Archivi Aperti

Archivi Aperti provides tours of archives’ collections led by curators and photographers. It addresses an extremely topical issue that involves several worlds, not only that of images and photo archives. The tours propose a critical reflection on the enormous possibilities offered by information and communication technologies: from Artificial Intelligence that catalogs experience, to Blockchain that certifies uniqueness, to Augmented Reality that leads by the hand into new worlds.
ITC technologies, often perceived exclusively as facilitators, are capable of impacting the very essence of our ‘doing,’ both in the work and private spheres. Some trends are very obvious and do not create friction, others are difficult to manage, which is why it is necessary to activate different levels of observation, create dialogue between archives, and design a system capable of governing the ongoing transformations.

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