Betty Danon


Galleria Milano
Via Daniele Manin, 13, 20121 Milano MI


22 Oct 2021 - 08 Jan 2022



Betty Danon

After the success of the Enzo Mari exhibition, Galleria Milano continues its philological research on the artists with whom it collaborated in the 1970s by dedicating an anthological exhibition to Betty Danon. An Italian artist of Turkish origin, who moved to Italy in the 1950s, after starting out as an abstract painter, she was a central figure in the experiments of visual poetry and then Mail Art. Polyglot, multicultural, far removed from the logic of the market and the dominant art system, she is beginning to receive the attention she deserves: the exhibition at Galleria Milano aims to contribute to this ongoing process by reconstructing some of the fundamental stages of her poetics, shedding light on aspects of her oeuvre that are still little known.