BienNoLo 2021


Various Locations


01 - 10 Oct 2021



BienNoLo 2021

The second edition of BienNoLo, the biennial of North of Loreto, returns to Milan. Titled “NUNC EST BIBENDUM, NUNC PEDE LIBERO PULSANDA TELLUS,” a Latin verse by Horace that means “Now we must drink, now we must make the earth resound with our free foot,” this year BienNoLo almost doubles the number of artists. Taken from a verse written to celebrate the death of Cleopatra, the title of the exhibition resonates today more than ever, in the desire to rediscover the almost lost sociality, the desire to share, to unite and have fun. Conceived by Carlo Vanoni and curated by the ArtCityLab Association (Gianni Romano, Rossana Ciocca, and Matteo Bergamini) this year’s edition will occupy also the Isola District with more than 10 locations around Milan. 

  • Above:

    Gabriele Picco, Nuvola, 2005.