Carla Accardi “Scrivere con il colore”
Carla Accardi, Blu su bianco , 1998. Courtesy Archivio Accardi Sanfilippo and Francesca Minini. Photo Andrea Rossetti.


Galleria Francesca Minini
Via Privata Massimiano, 25, 20134 Milano MI


22 Mar 2022 - 14 May 2022



Carla Accardi “Scrivere con il colore”

“Writing with Color” reveals Carla Accardi’s profound relationship with poetry. An intimate work, often not openly declared, that brings to light the frequent relationship and dialogue that the artist had with the poets close to her. The poems of Andrea Zanzotto, Valentino Zeichen, Francesco Serrao, Bizhan Bassiri, and Daniele Pieroni were an inspiration to the artist, who used to write down in a small notebook the verses that most struck her attention.

The bibliographical reconstruction carried out with the Accardi Sanfilippo Archive and the exhibition’s curator Lorenzo Benedetti revealed several works that, from the 1980s onwards, bear the title of some of the verses the artist wrote in her diaries.

In dialogue with these works, Parentesi n.1, Parentesi n.3, and Stella (Dieci triangoli rossogialli) show Carla Accardi’s desire to construct a language similar to that of poetry an alphabet made up of signs and colors.