Claudia Losi
Photo by Marco Davolio.


Archivio Atelier Pharaildis Van den Broeck
Via Marco Antonio Bragadino, 2, 20144 Milano MI


07 Feb 2022 - 07 May 2022



Claudia Losi

Claudia Losi, together with Emiliano Biondelli, started her research in the archive from a series of works by Pharaildis Van den Broeck from 2013, canvases depicting onions. The intervention is a reflection on the concept of the flag, a mutable sculptural element that is permeable to space, but also the sign of a group of people gathered to perform a concerted action. The flag is also reminiscent of a sail that transports visitors on a metaphorical journey into the intimate world of Pharaildis Van den Broeck. The archive becomes a place of passage in which the symbols of a ritual of care, the narratives and desires of the artist to whom the space is dedicated, materialise.