Corpi sul Palco


Teatro Linguaggicreativi
Via Eugenio Villoresi, 26, 20143 Milano MI


17 - 18 Dec 2021



After last year's forced break, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 December 2021 Corpi sul palco is back. The review of artistic performances inside a theatre inaugurated in 2019 at Teatro Linguaggicreativi, curated and presented by Andrea Contin with visual artists of international renown, emerging and newcomers who will once again leave their usual exhibition contexts, now also widely virtual, to perform in the symbolic but concrete space of representation, the stage of the theatre, for a live audience.

The participants in Corpi sul palco 2021 are Valerio Ambiveri, Teresa Antignani, Matteo Coluccia, Nicola Di Caprio, Manuel Esposito and Aronne Pleuteri, Chiara Gambirasio, Goldschmied & Chiari, Luigi Presicce, Sergio Racanati, Superteste, and Marcella Vanzo. The performances will follow one another with a theatrical rhythm on stage, presented by the curator, artist and performer Andrea Contin, who will introduce the performances.