Costanza Candeloro “My Skin-Care, My Strength”
Costanza Candeloro, Kitten HD & Kitten Lo-fi, 2022. Courtesy Casa degli Artisti.


Fondazione ICA
Via Orobia, 26, 20139 Milano MI


16 Sep 2022 - 07 Jan 2023



Costanza Candeloro “My Skin-Care, My Strength”

“My Skin-Care, My Strength” reflects the artist’s profound and multifaceted reflection on the relationship between contemporary society and new technologies, with particular attention to the role that language takes on in these dynamics. In Costanza Candeloro’s work, verbal and gestural language is the vehicle and protagonist of a research that is articulated on different levels of interpretation and makes use of numerous expressive tools – from sign to sculpture, from word to video, from installation to performance.

The exhibition project is part of the research horizon anticipated by the artist in June 2022, with the presentation of the video work Kitten HD & Kitten Lo-fi on the digital platform of Fondazione ICA Milano.

The reflection articulated in the video and focused on our media landscape, explored through videos and viral images of cats, dogs and other animals considered cute, reverberates in the physical space through a heterogeneous body of works. Candeloro are rendered in high and low definition, simulating the itinerary that, in the hyper-digitised society, leads the same image to be repeatedly uploaded, downloaded, shared and modified.