Dafne “+39 334 2928559”


Via Degli Scipioni, 7, 20129 Milano MI


31 Mar 2022 - 19 Apr 2022



Dafne “+39 334 2928559”

MASSIMO’s second exhibition season opens with “+39 334 2928559,” the first solo show by Dafne, a multidisciplinary art project born in 2019 from the encounter between Filippo De Marchi, William Merante and Giovanni Riggio. After the first musical project “Loser With A Strategy,” published during 2021, Dafne presents on this occasion the latest outcomes of the group’s research processes.

The exhibition questions the usual form of the exhibition space, transfiguring its layout. Having crossed the threshold, the grey of the walls permeates the room, blending with the floor and covering the space up to the furthest corners of the ceiling. Here, the observer loses all dimensional references in favour of an experience that tends towards the abstract and introduces him to a cerebral oneiric universe of symbols, numbers and figures alternating with shapes and volumes. Six new works, including a painting and several sculptural elements, are arranged around the room, drawing the viewer’s attention to subjects with multiple artistic references from the history of art and design.

The exhibition is structured around the idea of the telephone call, alluding to a conversation between unknown interlocutors. Telephone thinking has opened some windows of insight into figures such as the triangle and triangulation, the surfaces of rotational solids such as the cone and the cylinder, the hourglass and points of convergence, the vortex, the shadow, the fusion, the projection, the number and the section.