Danny Avidan “The Tragedy of Acis and Galatea”
Danny Avidan. Courtesy Tube Culture Hall.


Tube Culture Hall
Piazza XXV Aprile 11/B, 20154 Milano MI


14 Sep 2022 - 29 Oct 2022



Danny Avidan “The Tragedy of Acis and Galatea”

This exhibition starts with the nose. A highly perceptive and philosophical nose to be understood as the supreme sense of intuitive knowledge. A Nietzschean nose, celebrated with the statement “my genius is in my nose”, that becomes a formidable ally of truth, able to probe souls and hearts, seeking and smelling, discovering and finding, exciting and frightening, howling and dozing between organic remains both fervent and fetid, since every cell, every atom, whispers life and therefore death, life and its dreams, hopes, beginnings and desires, loves and scourges, rivers and sands, humid and arid, the world.

The canvases unfold from such an inductive approach, a path that goes from the smallest cell of being to rarefied mythological constructions, which is nothing but a return to the starting point, a cycle of life, whispers and cries, atavistic artifacts speaking the language of blood, playing with the most hidden and original emotions. A processual dualism, therefore, visceral and intellectual, impulsive and historiographical, a coming and going that nevertheless starts from the organic rubble and then returns to it incessantly. Danny Avidan’s works are sedimented and torn layers in which every element wallows among all the others to praise their transformation and birth, destruction and the fatuous.