Dewey Dell “Hamlet”


Triennale Milano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6, 20121 Milano


15 - 16 Dec 2021



Dewey Dell “Hamlet”

A unique condition is shared by all humanity: that of being born of our parents. We are delivered into life as sons or daughters and, although we all have an origin, this beginning is not under our control. Shakespeare’s Hamlet appears stuck in a plan of revenge his father has imposed on him, which however he cannot execute until the last scene of the play. The seeming inability of the son to take action drives the concept of this performance, which translates in expressive images the di cult process of individuation of a person. The choreographic research under- pinning this work by the Italian company Dewey Dell draws on the corporeality of possession rituals, staging the tortuous path travelled by Hamlet to become himself.

Dewey Dell is a dance and performing arts company founded in 2006 by Teodora Castellucci, Agata Castellucci, Demetrio Castellucci and Eugenio Resta. Since 2020 it has been directed by Teodora and Agata and has been based between Berlin, Germany, and Cesena, Italy. Their movement research explores anthropological themes; their choreographies are inspired by art history images and by animal behaviour. Since 2006 Dewey Dell has produced the following works: à elle vide (2007), KIN KEEN KING (2008), Baldassarre (2008), Cinquanta Urlanti Quaranta Ruggenti Sessanta Stridenti (2009), Grave (2011), Marzo (2013), Trasmissione Verticale (2016), Sleep Technique – A Response to the Cave Chauvet Pont d’Arc (2017), Deriva Traversa (2017), the diptych I Am Within e I Am Without (2018). Their works have been presented all over the world in venues such as: Arts House and Melbourne festival in Australia, Rencontres Chorégraphiques and Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Wesleyan University in Connecticut USA, International Mime Festival at the Barbican Center in London, A l’Arme Festival at Radialsystem in Berlin, Steirischer Herbst in Graz, BIT Teatergarasjen in Bergen.

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    Dewey Dell, Hamlet © John Nguyen.