Diego Perrone “Invito 2022”
The selected work, “Untitled”, will be donated by the ACACIA association to the collections of the city of Milan and will enter the collection of the Museo del Novecento.


22 Mar 2022 - 25 Sep 2022

Diego Perrone “Invito 2022”

Diego Perrone (Asti, 1970) is the winner of the 2022 edition of the ACACIA Prize, exhibiting in the Focus space on the ground floor of the museum the works Untitled (2021) and Untitled (2022) that become part of the ACACIA Collection, donated to the Museo del Novecento in 2015.

Through the use of different materials and techniques, including video, photography, painting, sculpture and drawing, Diego Perrone superimposes images of people, places, animals and objects to bring out surprising and alienating aspects. This procedure is the result of a rigorous and constant process of “alteration”, which leads the viewer to a confrontation with his own cultural structures. A multitude of motifs is embodied in molten glass sculptures and works on paper, with the repetition of biros marks running obsessively across the surface of the sheets. The artist has worked on the series of drawings consistently over the years, in a coherent work of continuous experimentation.