Emilio Tadini “Viaggio in Italia”


Gió Marconi
Via Tadino 20


04 Feb 2022 - 05 Mar 2022



Twenty years after the death of Emilio Tadini, the Gió Marconi gallery is hosting Viaggio in Italia, an exhibition of works from the Milanese artist's early 1970s series of the same name, first exhibited in 1971 at the Studio Marconi. Emilio Tadini's entire oeuvre, apparently simple and immediate, offers multiple levels of interpretation: the images emerge in a Freudian process of relationships and associations between dreamlike elements, everyday objects, anonymous and often faceless characters. Considered one of the most original figures in the cultural debate after the Second World War in Italy, Tadini adopted aspects of the Pop language when the movement was already in decline, while his interest in the unconscious and the irrational led him to depict scenes of fragmentation and alienation reminiscent of Surrealism, with references both to de Chirico's Metafisica and to the psychoanalysis of Lacan and Freud.