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Loom Gallery
Via Lazzaretto, 15, 20124 Milano MI


29 Nov 2021 - 31 Dec 2021



Enrico Castellani “Le Superfici e i Fondamenti”

Twenty years after the artist’s last solo show in Milan, LOOM Gallery and Fondazione Enrico Castellani are pleased to present “Enrico Castellani – Le Superfici e i Fondamenti”, curated by Tommaso Trini.
The exhibition features a series of atypical and in some sense complementary works from different fields, helping to underscore how Castellani’s entire practice developed within a context of experimentation that ranged from architecture and engineering to mathematics and physics.

Specifically, it includes two large white triangular canvases, their surfaces animated at the center by a double row of vertical points in relief, with an equal number of depressions in between. These pieces are echoed by two massive wooden sculptures clearly inspired by ships, made from square beams stabilized by steel stays and rigging attached to small mooring posts. This body of works was made for the artist’s solo show at Trento’s Galleria Civica in 1999, and they have not been presented together since.

  • Above:

    Enrico Castellani. Le Superfici e i Fondamenti. Exhibition View. Photo Agnese Bedini. © Fondazione Enrico Castellani - LOOM gallery.