Farout Live Arts Festival
Farout 2021. Photo by Tiziano Demuro.


BASE Milano
Via Bergognone, 34, 20144 Milano MI


01 - 09 Oct 2022



Farout Live Arts Festival

The second edition of Farout Live Arts Festival comprehends nine days to fully immerse into performances, installations and talks with more than 20 national and international artists and collectives.

Central theme of the second edition of Farout is the time related to rediscover the art of lingering over things, finding oneself between thinking, being, doing. Our contemporary era knows no more pauses, intervals or thresholds so the events offered by the festival aim to reconnect with the ancestral time.

BASE offers a program with permanent installations for all the duration of the festival. Among them “Radio Gabinetto” by Maddalena Fragnito and Valeria Graziano refers to the female textile factory workers’ conditions of the Lebole brand. The workers met in the cabinets to share problems, organize assemblies or strikes. This space/time of conspiracy is nicknamed among them as “Radio Gabinetto” and at BASE visitors can relive the cabinet environment with discriminatory phrases that are still used today.

From Saturday evening don’t miss the musical experience by Le Cannibale that consists of three events: two concerts and a party, a journey through different sounds and atmospheres that start from sunset until dawn. The three events focus on the relationship between sounds and the audience at three different times of the night: evening, night and dawn.