Ferdinando Scianna “Non chiamatemi maestro”


STILL Fotografia
Via Ludovico Lazzaro Zamenhof, 11, 20136 Milano MI


27 Oct 2021 - 22 Jan 2022

Ferdinando Scianna “Non chiamatemi maestro”

The first Italian admitted to Magnum in 1982, introduced by Cartier Bresson to the legendary agency founded by Robert Capa and Cartier-Bresson himself. This is enough to understand the oxymoron of “Don’t call me master,” the title of the Ferdinando Scianna’s latest exhibition in Milan.

Curated by Fabio Achilli and Denis Curti, the show presents 50 images that retraces, through many of his most iconic photographs –from his travels in Spain, Latin America, New York, Paris to his beloved Sicily – the career of this great contemporary artist, also known for his uncommon narrative skill and ability in the noble art of the aphorism.

  • Above:

    Ferdinando Scianna, Parigi, 1989 © Ferdinando Scianna / courtesy Still Fotografia.