Flavio Favelli “Progetto per fontana e altrefigure”


Galleria Francesca Minini
Via Privata Massimiano, 25, 20134 Milano MI


26 Jan 2023 - 11 Mar 2023



Flavio Favelli “Progetto per fontana e altrefigure”

Discover the captivating world of Flavio Favelli’s latest exhibition at the Francesca Minini gallery. Favelli once again brings his autobiographical element to the forefront of his work, inviting visitors to explore his personal journey and connect it to the collective history. As you enter the gallery, you’ll be greeted by a vintage stamp from the 1940s, urging you to visit Italy. A road sign on the back wall transports you to the province of Arezzo, birthplace of Piero della Francesca and a source of inspiration for the artist.

In the centre of the room, you’ll notice a towering totem made of plastic crates used for transporting glass bottles of mineral water. This is Favelli’s proposed design for a fountain that will be installed outside the gallery space. In a recent conversation with Francesco Stocchi, the artist questions the role of art in public spaces and whether it needs to cater to everyone’s taste or simply change perspectives without a particular purpose. Favelli’s unique approach challenges conventional thinking, and his mirrors reveal the unexpected by reflecting the wall behind them. Don’t miss the chance to experience this thought-provoking exhibition.