18 Nov 2021 - 12 Dec 2021



Fluid Shapes

Fluid Shapes is an exhibition project born from a cultural initiative by YET Art Agency and promoted by Espressoh, a young made in Italy cosmetics brand with the aim of supporting the artistic growth of young Italian and international talents, making a meaningful contribution to the spread of culture. The core idea is the construction of a visual narration that turns the corporate values into art, following the common thread of social and cultural sustainability. The main goal is to create a powerful communication tool for the community.
Espressoh decided to invest in art and, specifically, in two young artists, Nina Klein and Nicole Colombo, aiming at a strong cultural and artistic contamination. The whole project was born from the will of investigating femininity, free of political and cultural classifications, social labels and gender restrictions. The two artists were asked to develop a visual interpretation of their own idea of femininity, following different artistic practices, respectively through painting and sculpture. Three limited-edition unique pieces were created. Three objects strongly related to femininity and beauty: a mirror, a bag and a silk scarf. Three daily used objects, conceived to be observed and worn, that are at the same time works of art.

  • Above:

    Nicole Colombo, Mirrors.