Fondazione Henraux 1960-1970
Courtesy of Fondazione Henraux.


Gallerie d’Italia
Piazza della Scala, 6, 20121 Milano MI


10 Jun 2022 - 17 Jul 2022



Fondazione Henraux 1960-1970

The exhibition, staged in the evocative Octagonal Courtyard and in the Alessandro Garden of the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan, highlights seven of the twenty-five Henraux sculptures in the Intesa Sanpaolo collection. For the occasion, the entire group has undergone a major, cutting-edge conservation operation.

Over the course of its more than 200 years in business, Henraux has been at the forefront of innumerable projects and collaborations in the field of international visual culture. “Collezione Henraux 1960-1970” presents documents, archival photographs, models and reproductions organised into themed groups, and encapsulates the vital context in which the sculptures were created, the genesis of the Henraux collection and the extraordinary exemplar of corporate culture provided by the company.

The initiative is a taster for the high-profile exhibition that is due to be held in Querceta di Seravezza, at the headquarters of the Foundation, from 25 July to 18 September 2022.