Gabriella Benedini “Athanor”
Courtesy of the artist and Gallerie d’Italia.


Gallerie d’Italia
Piazza della Scala, 6, 20121 Milano MI


15 Sep 2022 - 06 Nov 2022



Gabriella Benedini “Athanor”

The exhibition Athanor by Gabriella Benedini is soaked with memories and suggestions: the themes of travel, both physical and spiritual, the questioning of the stars, the transmutation of matter and elements, and the thirst for knowledge are central to her work. This is also revealed by the title chosen for the exhibition, Athanor, which refers precisely to the world of alchemy.

Alongside 24 of the artist’s works, there is also the “Library”, a compact, hermetic, Gris de Payne-colored body that manifests itself in its own enigmatic, looming presence. Other than this, it is displayed the famous Harps, polymateric sculptures that, as Gillo Dorfles wrote in 1992, “fill the environment in which they are placed with their own ‘spatial sonority'” inspiring the sensation of “notes – arcane, imperceptible, elusive to human ears.”