Bits & Cream. Metabolizzazione d’Archivio.


ArtNoble gallery
Via Ponte di Legno, 9, 20134 Milano MI


25 Nov 2021 - 28 Jan 2022



Italian – Brazilian artist Giulia Mangoni focuses her artistic practice on the reinterpretation of familiar landscapes through a painterly and performative language capable of involving disciplines from the rural context such as animal breeding and ancient techniques of local craftsmanship. In doing so, the artist enriches her visual imagery through in-depth investigations into the history of the territory: first among these circumstances in the Ciociaro context in which Mangoni was born and where she has returned to live permanently since 2015. In the space of the Milanese gallery, the imaginative and ancestral archive that the artist has collected of the Cociaria region in meridional Italy over the last six years, in its representative features, manifests itself as a Warburghian tableaux aimed at exploring the characteristics of representation linked to the first part of the research, transitioning between information gathered at a distance and an embodied experience of place.