Giulio Scalisi “Like a True Gentleman”
Giulio Scalisi, A House for a Gentleman, 2021, 16.9 video, CGI, color, sound, 20 min circa.


Case Chiuse HQ
Via Rosolino Pilo, 14, 20129 Milano MI


15 Mar 2022 - 03 Jun 2022




Editors’ Pick

Giulio Scalisi “Like a True Gentleman”

The exhibition revolves around “A House for a Gentleman,” the video work in CGI that tells the story of a day in the life of a man, set in a dystopian not-so-distant future: 2048. On entering, we find ourselves in Paul the protagonist’s world, where certain elements of the display reflect his home. We hear his dialogues and his thoughts, from which the various contradictions of our own era emerge. Introspection and irony thus constitute the distorting lens through which Scalisi explores our own society.Paul lives on an Earth where the air no longer contains enough oxygen and, just like the rest of humanity, he is forced to spend most of his time indoors. Isolated and sealed in, at the same time he is observed by pervasive and taming forms of technology. This is the channel via which the outside world flows inward, from reality to social media, from interpersonal relationships to work and so on