Gustavo Nazareno “Notas pessoais de fé”
Courtesy the artist and Cassina Projects, Milan. Photo Roberto Marossi.


Cassina Projects
Via Mecenate, 76/45, 20138 Milano MI


15 Mar 2022 - 30 Apr 2022



Gustavo Nazareno “Notas pessoais de fé”

Notas pessoais de fé, the Italian debut and first solo show at the CASSINA gallery by Brazilian artist Gustavo Nazareno (Minas Gerais *1994, lives and works in Sao Paulo, BR), curated by Deri Andrade. Presenting a new body of oil paintings and charcoals on paper, Nazareno expands on his spiritual and visual exploration of the Orishas, deities venerated by the syncretic Brazilian Umbanda cult and other religions of the African diaspora related to the Yoruba, who found their way to most of the world as an emanation of the Atlantic slave trade. Hybrid forces, ancestral spirits and mythological negotiators between human and divine world – prophets of wisdom and incarnation of historical legacies –, in Nazareno’s poetic universe the Orishas are glorious figures of a poignant pantheon where African traditions, Brazilian rituals, Spiritism and Catholicism coalesce. Through the enigmatic light-and-shadow play and the depiction of divine entities and landscape alike as allegorical, universal manifestation of beauty, Nazareno ponders on the heterogenous attributes of identity and on the nebulous contours of our earthly experience as he confronts the persistence of colonialist narration.