Haeji Min “Beyond the Birthplace”
Haeji Min Ð Beyond the Birthplace. Courtesy Cassina Projects, Milano. Photo by Roberto Marossi.


Cassina Projects
Via Mecenate, 76/45, 20138 Milano MI


25 Nov 2022 - 14 Jan 2023



Haeji Min “Beyond the Birthplace”

Timeless and elusive, Haeji Min’s rich paintings dig the juncture of abstraction and figuration, dancing between the all-encompassing hypnotic flow of life cycle and the representational urge of morphing bodies grappling with nature. Notions of expanded consciousness and oneness with the environment are enacted on a vivid backdrop ranging from liquid swerves of blue to dusky variations of indigo, flesh-like pink and tinges of translucent cyber green.

Skilfully painted human limbs, body parts and snipped faces crop up as they negotiate their existence in a greater ecosphere where bodily and spiritual realms coalesce into one.Historical visual influences crisscross—built around the palpable bedrock of Surrealism, George Bataille’s symbolism of the eye and the supernatural bend of David Lynch imagery here interweave with the harmonious depiction of human bodies calling to mind the canons of Greek classical sculpture-, this kaleidoscopic use of references under pinning the preponderance of perception and inner brain workings over rationality.