Helen Downie “One cup of sugar”
Helen Downie aka Unskilled Worker, Ceremony, 2021.


Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea
Via Cola Montano, 40, 20159 Milano MI


28 Apr 2022 - 24 Jun 2022




Editors’ Pick

Helen Downie “One cup of sugar”

“One cup of sugar” is Helen Downie’s first solo exhibition in Italy. Known as her instagram handle ‘Unskilled Worker,’ Downie discovered painting at the age of 48 and, she is self-taught, and quickly became internationally famous.

“Helen and I met at the beginning of my journey,” recalls Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director. “Ours was a magical encounter, made of fantasy, of non-places, of characters that came out of my mind, entered the catwalk and were then transported by Helen to another place, to her fairy-tale world. Helen is part of my story. I have loved looking at my surroundings through her eyes. Hers is a space populated by small and large deities and animals, of which everyone, including me and my dogs, have become a part.”

The Milan exhibition presents 10 works, sophisticated compositions characterized by expressive figuration and bright colors, which reveal his style so unique that it has attracted great media attention and worldwide success. Her paintings, imbued with childlike innocence and a dreamy atmosphere, depict scenes of intricate beauty, with clear references to the art of the Tudor and Renaissance periods, elements that blend with contemporary cultural references.