Helen Mirra “Hebrew for Bitter”
Helen-Mirra. Courtesy Galleria Raffaella Cortese.


Galleria Raffaella Cortese
Via Stradella 1,7, 4 – 20129 Milano MI


22 Sep 2022 - 12 Nov 2022



Helen Mirra “Hebrew for Bitter”

“Hebrew for Bitter” is the title that the artist, whose last name in the Hebrew language means bitter, has chosen to give to the exhibition. The protagonist is a place familiar to her, the Sierras in northern California and, specifically, the rivers and mountains that form the backdrop to her frequent wanderings. The most recent works show the signage that traces some of the paths in these landscapes, reproducing the messages in life-size, but mirrored, form.

The journey thus unfolds in an imaginary elsewhere, and the artist gives alternative directions to travel it: in both spaces the main wall, the front one, has been left blank, and the works are uncovered laterally. The project stems from the text Helen Mirra selected from the portraits of Taoist saints “Liexian Zhuanm,” known as the “Legends of Immortals.” In her personal account of the chosen biography, the artist translates the master painter, a protagonist who has always been assumed to be male, into the feminine. As much in history, art and society, as in mythology, there have been increasing discoveries of female figures whose gender has been transformed by the male narrative voice.

Helen Mirra, distancing herself from the traditional narrative, proposes a different direction to the exhibition experience and a new point of view for thought.