In Pratica #8: Caos Calmo
Aronne Pleuteri, Ricordi di un giorno dopo, 2022.


Collezione Giuseppe Iannaccone
Corso Matteotti, 11 - Milano (MI)


17 Sep 2022 - 25 Nov 2022



In Pratica #8: Caos Calmo

At the Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection, Chiara Di Luca and Aronne Pleuteri present their works in the exhibition Caos Calmo.

Chiara Di Luca starts from Greek mythology and in particular from the story of Persephone. Her step falls on two opposite boundaries and generates a great act of awareness: crossing the layer of grass that is precisely the boundary between the world of appearances and that of the unconscious, of truth. Having completed this journey and overcome our limits the chaos that overwhelms us, the thoughts, the doubts become calm, slow, patient and lead us to the truest knowledge of ourselves.

On the other hand, Aronne Pleuteri, in a complementary way, investigates the tales of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, particularly the moment when Nietzsche confides to his fearless fellow travelers the face of his arch-enemy.

From here the artist’s artistic practice focuses on the Spirit of Gravity. Zarathustra is overwhelmed by the weight of his oppressor, who, as he tries to rise, crushes him. There is something that pushes us to the ground and at the same time something that lifts us up. Pleuteri opens wide atemporal windows that tell a tragicomic story of precariousness and transience, an overcoming of form to arrive at matter, in the realization that the apparent chaos of the organism is also order and calm.