“In riots and wars. The Milanese Archives during the Napoleonic Age”


Archivio di Stato
Via Senato, 10, 20121 Milano MI


10 Oct 2021 - 31 Jan 2022



“In riots and wars. The Milanese Archives during the Napoleonic Age”

The exhibition analyses the consequences and repercussions of the arrival of Napoleon’s new power in the Milanese archives. While Italy was hit by the impetuous advance of the troops led by General Bonaparte, a quieter battle, but one destined to have long-lasting effects, began in the archives. In the space of a quarter of a century, from 1796 to 1821, many Italian archives were raided, suddenly transferred, merged and dismembered, as a result of the ups and downs of war that marked the Napoleonic era and the early years of the Restoration.10.10.2021
The exhibition presents a series of documents, papers and parchments of great symbolic significance, as well as finely decorated headings, seals, plans for monuments, prints and many other rare items from the archival heritage of Milan.

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  • Above:

    Napoléon a l'ile S. Hélen 1819. Portrait of Napoleon standing on a rocky coast of the island looking towards the sea. ASMi, Clerici di Cavenago, Stampe Clerici, b. 1, fasc. 2, doc. 1.