Irina Novarese “Do the Words”
Photo by Diego Mayon.


Via Giulio Cesare Procaccini, 4, 20154 Milano MI


05 - 29 Oct 2022



Irina Novarese “Do the Words”

What terms and concepts define a city and its identity? How can we observe the changing nature of an urban through the use of vocabulary?
Guided by these questions, the Italian artist Irina Novarese explores the city of Milan to search words and phrases that could satisfy its identity. She thus obtained a catalog of “found words” thanks to searches in the archives of the city of “words in space”, through a investigation in the urban context of Milan and of “words of history” gathered through cooperation with experts from the various sectors.

All the material has been translated into a large installation made up of LED bands, sticky lettering and sounds which in Careof’s space presents a version of the history and context of Milan extremely subjective, leaving it open reading and interpretation.