Ivan Grubanov “Skin Nation Class”
Ivan Grubanov, Pro Mundi Beneficio, 2020. Courtesy of IPERCUBO.


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 87, 20123 Milano MI


04 May 2022 - 08 Jun 2022



Ivan Grubanov “Skin Nation Class”

For the last fifteen years, Ivan Grubanov’s oeuvre has investigated the conventional notions of the ‘nation-state’ and the power linked to it, what it means to belong to a certain nation-state, and nationalism. Working very much within the conceptual tradition of painting inaugurated by artists like Jasper Johns and Frank Stella, for Grubanov, who represented Serbia in the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015, there is no difference between spreading out an ensemble of flags on the floor, painting on polycarbonate riot shields, embroidering text and applying paint to it, as in his “motto” series, or composing a polyptych with different painterly elements ‘boxed’ into wooden frames, as his recent works “Unnation.” Titled “Skin Nation Class,” Grubanov’s newest series of works gives the title his first solo exhibition in Italy. The exhibition features an installation made of six polyptychs. Each of the six square pieces has a black mirror in the center, a stretched canvas, and a stained flag of Yugoslavia, the birthplace of the artist, that was used to paint the canvas. As the artist states in a note to the press: “the flag remains altered in the process but its national/ideological connotation cannot be removed, it is forensically traceable and even more violent as we witness its ability to adapt its color but never abandon its signifying role.”