Jimmy Milani “esco da qui”
Jimmy Milani, Ghoost Track What are you hiding deep inside you, 2022. Photo by Michela Pedranti. Courtesy Artist and Studiolo Milan.


Cabinet / Studiolo
Via Alessandro Tadino, 20, 20124 Milano MI


26 May 2022 - 03 Jul 2022



Jimmy Milani “esco da qui”

Studiolo presents ‘esco da qui’ (out of here), a solo exhibition by Jimmy Milani curated by Maria Chiara Valacchi and Antonio Di Mino. For the Twitch and gamers generation of gen-Z, spending time is an important component but not everything; better to use it to create communities, languages and new virtual paths that can replace or mediate the realness around them. It is no coincidence that society has begun to offer us augmented realities and meta-verses, immersive spaces created to go beyond mere sensory gratification, so perfectly made that they have been identified as the best sedative to deal with the drift of a planet too difficult to put back on the right track alone, increasingly connected in immaterial terms but increasingly disconnected in terms of interpersonal relationships. Solitary life experiences and the evolution of technologies are complicit, ready to offer us new contexts that cannot be grasped by the human eye alone, and capable of subverting the canonical breadth of any experience, even that of art; aesthetics and its derivatives will suffer inevitable consequences. Jimmy Milani immerses us in a project in which all this cultural milieu has already been examined, metabolised and critically synthesised.