Basilica di San Celso
Corso Italia, 37, 20122 Milano MI


03 Dec 2021 - 18 Jan 2022



An exhibition of contemporary sculptures created using different techniques and materials by Roberta Busato, Ilaria Cuccagna, Paolo Migliazza and Andreas Senoner. The title is a clear reference to the Hellenic world: Kairos is one of the four terms used to define time and indicates an auspicious moment or a good opportunity. The reference to classicality is also contained within the works of the four artists, who, although they use unconventional materials, study ancient sculpture. The use of more traditional materials is accompanied by poorer elements such as raw soil, wax, wood and charcoal. The imperfect forms, sometimes taken from nature, undergo a radical renewal that is often difficult to decode. In this perspective, the sculpture weaves new relationships with the surrounding space, condenses matter and conceptual force and establishes an intimate dialogue with the viewer. The project is presented by ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY.