Katherine Bradford “Lifeguards”


Kaufmann Repetto
Via di Porta Tenaglia, 7, 20121 Milano MI


01 Jul 2021 - 09 Oct 2021



Katherine Bradford “Lifeguards”

Katherine Bradford’s mesmerizing yet rigorous visual language freely traverses the relationship between nonobjective and representational painting, allowing potential narratives to unfold and interweave with the investigation of form and color.

In Bradford’s exhibition, Lifeguards, we find ourselves immersed in a world of vast expanses of color depicting water and sky, populated by bathers and swimmers. Shades of blue ranging from cobalt to azure, and ultramarine to turquoise, divide the canvas into distinct horizontal planes, while the variations in saturation and tone evoke an elusive yet palpable atmosphere. Lighter and darker hues are interchangeable and used without functional or hierarchical distinction. Subtle modulations of pale lavender and warm purple represent beaches, to then resurface in other works depicting body limbs.

While the oscillation between abstract and figurative elements captures and ensnares the viewer, giving way to multiple readings, it is also a key to the wider scope of Bradford’s artistic research. Focused on abstract painting in the early phase of her career, over the past two decades the artist has opened her practice to depiction, without losing focus on her abiding interest in the [more abstract nature] of the color-field. Her love for the painterly comes across clearly; however, driven by an unbiased curiosity, she allows her imagery to acquire a porous malleability where a pictorial sign becomes a signifier.

  • Above:

    Katherine Bradford “Lifeguards” at Kaufmann Repetto.