Kris Ruhs “Flower Talisman”
Kris Ruhs “Flower Talisman,” 2022. Photo by Ilvio Gallo.


Fondazione Sozzani
Corso Como, 10, 20154 Milano MI


09 Nov 2022 - 08 Jan 2023



Kris Ruhs “Flower Talisman”

The shapes of twisted iron wires being torn from concrete walls as construction proceeds on his new studio in Milan, at Bovisa, was the inspiration.
Kris Ruhs’ artistic response to the daily challenges in which he found himself was to take the crooked wires and wrap and join them together with painted, polished, and distressed papers to create flowers. As chaos seemingly takes charge, materials destined for the dumpsters have been reimagined and fashioned into this limited series of delicate floral arrangements, together with paintings that recall the harmony of flowers. It is a visually calming garden of beauty – a “Small Chamber of Flowers” in which to pause. Bringing serenity, the happy calming presence of the flowers in these visually turbulent times of today is an antidote. A small room of flower talismans brings the essence of peace, a flower, into our shared future.