La marcia su Roma. Il crollo della democrazia in Italia
Fascist days in Milan. Images courtesy Fondazione Anna Kuliscioff.


Museo del Risorgimento
Via Borgonuovo, 23, 20121 Milano MI


19 Oct 2022 - 11 Dec 2022



La marcia su Roma. Il crollo della democrazia in Italia

On the occasion of the anniversary of the March on Rome, a historical episode in which fascism began its unstoppable path toward the violent and totalitarian conquest of power, it is necessary to ask how this could have happened in a country in which, despite serious social tensions, the institutions guaranteed fundamental democratic freedoms, mass parties representing the less affluent classes enjoyed wide support outside and inside Parliament, and trade unions and cooperative organizations had a huge number of members and significant resources.

A documentary exhibition that aims to illustrate to the general public, and in particular to the new generations, the historical moment in which, with the King’s commissioning of Mussolini to form the new government, the first act of the Fascist “revolution” was realized.
The display of explanatory panels, pages from period newspapers and the inclusion in special showcases of images, documents and original publications, produced by both the fascist regime and the opposition forces, chronologically define the evolution of the episode of the March on Rome, identifying its most relevant moments and aspects that constitute as many sections of the exhibition.