Lectio Magistralis a cura di Alfredo Jaar
Alfredo Jaar, LAMENT OF THE IMAGES, 2002. Courtesy of the artist and Lia Rumma Gallery Milan/Naples.


BASE Milano
Via Bergognone, 34, 20144 Milano MI


17 Nov 2022





Lectio Magistralis a cura di Alfredo Jaar

The opening of the Photo Vogue Festival features a Lectio Magistralis by Alfredo Jaar entitled “Teach Us to Outgrow our Madness.”

It is Jaar’s work that inspired Alessia Glaviano, director of the PhotoVogue Festival, in the creation and curatorship of the exhibition entitled Regarding the Pain of Others. In particular, a work by Jaar entitled Real Pictures, taken from a project dedicated to the Rwandan genocide.

The work of Alfredo Jaar, an artist and intellectual born in Chile in 1956, is meant to wake us up from a certain intellectual torpor and urge us to really see, think, and construct a reasoned opinion.
There is no more appropriate artist to open the next edition of the PhotoVogue Festival, dedicated to the contradictions that arise from the overexposure to images typical of our contemporary society.