Leiko Ikemura “Prima del Tuono, Dopo il Buio”


BUILDING gallery
Via Monte di Pietà, 23, 20121 Milano MI


04 Sep 2021 - 23 Dec 2021



Leiko Ikemura “Prima del Tuono, Dopo il Buio”

The first solo exhibition in Italy by Leiko Ikemura offers a broad overview of the artist’s research, bringing together a selection of 50 works created from the 1980s to the present day. The exhibition project, which is spread over the four floors of BUILDING, presents some significant historical productions alongside more recent works.

Ikemura’s work is characterized by a complex and highly expressive visual language. Her artistic universe spans a wide range of techniques, from drawing to watercolour, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramic, terracotta, bronze, and more recently, glass. Throughout the rooms of BUILDING, thematic groups of works retrace the development of the artist’s visual vocabulary, starting with the large-format charcoal drawings of the 1980s, exhibited here for the very first time, and moving on through the delicate, nuanced tones of the works of the 1990s to the intense colours of the more recent canvases.

  • Above:

    Installation View. Leiko Ikemura, 2021. Photo by Roberto Marossi.