Luca Staccioli “Wake-up Call”
Luca Staccioli, “Wake-up call” at ArtNoble gallery. Photo by Michela Pedranti.


ArtNoble gallery
Via Ponte di Legno, 9, 20134 Milano MI


26 Jan 2023 - 09 Mar 2023




Editors’ Pick

Luca Staccioli “Wake-up Call”

The ArtNoble gallery presents Wake-up call, a solo exhibition by Luca Staccioli, featuring playful sculptures and thought-provoking installations. The exhibit explores the relationship between leisure and work, consumption and productivity, and childhood and adulthood. Staccioli uses toy-sculptures of shopping trolleys to symbolize the erosion of childhood identity through consumption in the series ‘Checkout’, while the photographic series Familiar Stories (returns) immortalises maquettes of domestic places inhabited by paper figures from archival photographs of prisoners, exploring the hidden nightmares of everyday life. On the wall, drawings from the series Studio per una protesta: cieli open up the imagination to new possibilities. The installation ‘Castello (di sabbia?)’, made of ceramics, depicts a collection of false myths of present society. The exhibition ends with Wake-up call, a sound of bells that awakens and urges us to transform the reality around us.

If you’re curious to learn more about the inspiration behind Wake-up call and the creative process that brought it to life, read the insightful conversation between Luca Staccioli, Matthew Noble, and curator Irene Sofia Comi.