PAC Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea
Via Palestro, 14, 20121 Milano MI


16 Feb 2021 - 17 Sep 2021


Free – €8


Luisa Lambri’s first large-scale solo exhibition in Italy, a project designed and developed specifically for the Milanese pavilion.

Lambri’s photographic work is characterised by her commitment to a vast range of subjects that revolve around the human condition and its relationship with space, such as the politics of representation, architecture, the history of abstract photography, modernism, feminism, identity and memory. The relationship between her photographs and the space in which they are exhibited is an integral part of Lambri’s work. Every new space that hosts one of Lambri’s installations presents unique qualities with which the artist interacts, making every one of her project’s site-specific.

The title of Lambri’s exhibition at PAC pays homage to the eminent art critic Carla Lonzi who, before devoting herself exclusively to feminist politics, published a series of interviews with fourteen artists from the 1960s avant-garde under the title “Autoritratto” (Self-Portrait) (1969). Lonzi’s discussions give the reader a first-person glimpse into the private lives of these artists and the ways in which they articulated how they saw themselves in the context of the art world and the world at large. Lambri similarly constructs personal and intimate readings of her subjects and in doing so encourages a dialogue between the viewer, the artwork and the space in which they interact. Her specific and meticulous investigation of space can be read as a form of self-exploration, or a self-portrait, in a manner similar to that of Lonzi’s book.

The project for PAC will focus on the relationship between Lambri’s works and the architecture of Ignazio Gardella. The photographs on display will become a true extension of the exhibition space, making the architecture and the subjective experience of the visitor an integral part of the artist’s work. The large selection of works on view in this exhibition were made between 1999 and 2017 and highlight Lambri’s tendency to work in series. Some of these works will be exhibited in Italy for the very first time. In these photographs Lambri enters into intimate dialogues with works by artists such as Donald Judd, Robert Irwin, Lygia Clark and Lucio Fontana, as well as architects Álvaro Siza, Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe, Luis Barragán, Rudolph Schindler, Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Giuseppe Terragni, among others.

  • Above:

    Luisa Lambri, Autoritratto. Installation view, PAC 2021. Photo Lorenzo Palmieri.