Spazio Martín
Via Alfredo Catalani, 35, 20131 Milano MI


17 Dec 2021


7.00pm - 9.00pm



Friday 17 December Spazio Martín presents Lunario, a performance by the artist GianMarco Porru, produced in collaboration with Lessico familiare and Elia Pastori.
Lunario is part of a long-term research carried out by the artist starting from the study of the systems of transmission of meaning that in different forms of collective aggregation find in rituality the link between community and territory.

The double architectural register of Spazio Martín and the threshold that delimits its entrance as a shop window at street level define the perimeter of a performative action in tension between representation and new configuration of an unknown ritual. The unfolding of a musical texture in live looping defines an itinerary of continuous movement, accompanying a ritual of dressing that coincides with an attempt to reflect the sky and the phases of the moon.